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  • Wes78

    I want to buy a D-SLR before the holidays begin and I have my eyes on the D3100. I have no experience with these cameras and am wondering if I am making a mistake? Is there another D-SLR that I should buy?

    • Nikon D3100 is the most popular among beginners, because of its great price and excellent features. You’re not making any mistakes, don’t worry!

      • People get stuck after buying Nikon since there is little choice for birds and wildlife photography with Nikon

  • Vishek

    I am just new to DSLR, I am confused between Canon 600D & Nikon D3300.
    Price in my area is same for both the camera’s so price is not the concern.
    Would really appreciate of you can guide me which one should I go for. As D3300 is just a new one so there is no direct comparison available between the two on net.
    I am buying a dslr camera for better picture quality & shoot videos (occasionally) as well..

    • Hey,

      If the price is really the same, then go for the D3300! It’s got a much better sensor with less noise, more pixels (only usefu for croppin though, as quality is the same in both cameras), better video features including AF while recording, faster burst mode. You can compare it to the T5i as it’s 99% like the T3i. Here’s the link to my blog –

      Anyways, D3300 wins this hands down, in picture and video quality.

  • Rajan Singh

    i am a total beginner…i want an entry level dslr…which one will be better nikon3200,nikon3300 or nikon5100….

    • Skip the D5100, it was good but the D3200 is currently the best for price/performance. The D3300 costs ~$160 more, with these improvements: 5 vs 4fps, 700 vs 540 battery shots with 1 charge, 70g lighter body, 25,600 max vs 12,800 ISO. The D3300 is better, but these two have the same sensor and image quality!

      I recommend you to get the D3200 if your budget is low, as their image quality is 99% the same (identical 24MP sensor and AF system).

    • A lot depends on what you want to do Even the choice of format depends on subject. Landscape is better with full frame while cropped sensors have advantage in wildlife due to greater reach.

      • Jassmin

        Hi Rajan, lot of things can tell you which dslr is good for you, one
        from them is your skills, so you can help your self after reading this
        article ( ), because i was have same
        problem as you, and it’s helped me

  • Choosing the brand is tougher and ultimately crucial when you start. Different systems are better for different things. Canon is the king of action and wildlife by virtue of larger and more affordable range of useful lenses. Nikon has excellent wide angle lenses and higher resolution camera bodies for professional landscape photography or for studio and commercial work. Once you choose your brand it becomes difficult to switch.