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Nikon D7100 Review

nikon-d7100-review– 24.1 Megapixel APS-C Sensor
– ISO 100 – 25,600
– 6 frames per second (7 in 1.3x crop mode)
– Full HD [24|25|30fps] and HD [50|60fps] Video Recording
– 51 Auto Focus Points
– 3.2″ LCD Screen
– 2 x SDHC Memory Card Slots
– Competes with Canon EOS 70D

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The “old” D7000 didn’t really have to try hard at competing with the 60D, not only was it built much better but it also offered way more for the price. It’s now 3 years later and the D7100 is another amazing camera, but this time Canon won’t let them win the race that easily.

Sensor – Quality


Maximum Resolution: 6,000 x 4,000

Sensor Type: DX

Just like the two APS-C Nikons below it, the D7100 received a massive increase in the megapixel range; from 16 to 24. We are talking about maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000, you’ll need a pretty good computer to edit such big files. Sure this is a semi-pro camera but read further to see that lots of features were actually borrowed from the D800 and D4!

First, there is no optical low-pass filter anymore. It is said to improve image quality (only visible with good quality glass), with only one downside; there may be more artifacts apparent when photographing unusual patterns (you’ve probably seen this in a movie where shirts have lines with all sorts of weird colors).

I was expecting to see ISO 51,200 as the maximum but they probably didn’t want to go above 25,600 as it’s useless on such a small sensor for now. Just to think that 3 years ago ISO 1,600 was horrible with many cameras makes everything today look amazing.

Body & Design


This is where I really like Nikon, they definitely know how to build a tank-like camera. Just looking at the image above already gives you an impression of a professional camera, something that you can take literally anywhere and still get great shots. It borrows the same “design” from the D7000 and water/dust resistance from higher models such as the D300s and D800. Do I have to mention it’s also much cheaper than those two higher models?

  • Weight (Body Only): 765g / 26.9 oz
  • LCD Size: 3.2″ – 1,228,800 dots
  • Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
  • Memory: 2 x SDHC Card Slots

Compared to the D7000 it’s a fraction lighter, slightly bigger and lasts around 100 shots less when it comes to battery life (~920). It’s still a very impressive number when you understand what kind of crazy technology that little battery has to power!



  • Auto Focus – It uses D4’s auto focus with 51 auto focus points! If that’s not crazy enough, 15 of those are cross-type. While it has over 30 more points than the 70D, it still has 4 less cross-type (19 vs 15).
  • Video Recording – For a year or two, Nikon kind of lacked when it came to video recording. Sure their AF performance was slightly better but the frame rates didn’t improve for a long time. It’s all different now though, the D7100 allows you to choose from 24 up to 60 in Full HD mode.
  • LCD Screen – It’s big and bright; at 3.2″ size and 1.2 million pixels it has one of the best displays currently available.

You’ll definitely have to spend some time reading the manual with all these new improvements. I think it’s already obvious that the D7100 is my favorite Nikon DSLR out right now. What’s bad though, is that the 70D from Canon is just as good and it’s been a while since I had a tough time deciding which model is really the best for your money. To tell you the truth, any of these two will be awesome to start or upgrade your photography equipment. Pick one based on a certain feature that you think you’d like more, or depending on what your friends are using and just buy when you have the money.

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