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Nikon D5200 Review

nikon-d5200-review– 24.1 Megapixel APS-C Sensor
– ISO 100 – 25,600
– 5 frames per second
– Full HD [24|25|30|50|60fps] and HD [50|60fps] Video Recording
– 39 Auto Focus Points
– 3.0″ LCD Screen – Articulating
– SDHC Memory Card Slot
– Competes with Canon Rebel T5i/EOS 700D

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You are looking at another ‘serious-amateur‘ Nikon model with 24 megapixels. Based on specifications, I sometimes forget I’m only talking about a $800 camera because of the features it offers. They found a great combination between performance and price and don’t intend on stopping I guess.

Sensor – Quality


Maximum Resolution: 6,000 x 4,000

Sensor Type: DX

There are now three Nikon cameras with 24 megapixels. Funny thing, 10 years ago they released a $5000 DSLR with 2.3 megapixels and look at where we are today. The basics of these cameras still haven’t changed, they all allow you to control them manually. It’s the inside that keeps on getting better with every new release, it’s crazy to even think what kind of features we are going to have in the future!

High megapixel count is usually reserved for Full Frame/FX cameras due to their larger sensor and therefore bigger pixels that have a better signal-to-noise ratio. As I mentioned in the D3200 review, I have no idea why exactly they decided to go with that many because for most beginners (and professionals), 20 is already an over-kill. Unless they plan on using 24MP in a couple of their upcoming products, I don’t see the rush; are we going to have 34MP in two years from now? I guess that’s just the market though, we are constantly complaining about everything these companies put out. A few years ago everyone was mad at Canon for rushing with megapixels and now that they’ve seriously slowed down the same people are complaining they aren’t improving. Can’t please everyone I guess.

Body & Design


No need to complicate things here, the D5200 only has a couple of buttons on its body due to the articulating screen (works wonderfully by the way). You can literally control the camera just with your right hand where your most important dials are located (shutter speed, ISO etc.). Something new in these cameras is the Wi-Fi ability which is unfortunately not directly built into the D5200, but can be bought separately. You can use it for transferring the images on your smart phone/tablet, taking pictures or using Live View.

  • Weight (Body Only): 505g / 17.8 oz
  • LCD Size: 3.0″ – 921,000 dots – Articulating
  • Viewfinder Coverage: 95%
  • Memory: SDHC Card Slot

Typical for lower DX cameras, it doesn’t use a built-in AF motor so only newer lenses will auto focus. It uses a pentamirror (for transferring the light into the pentaprism)  to keep the price and weight down



  • Auto Focus – The D5200 stands out when it comes to auto focusing, as no Canon/Nikon camera this far has offered that many points in such a camera! I’m talking about 39AF points you can use for selecting the right focus on your subject, that’s far more than some cameras above $1500. It also depends on what type these are (cross type, vertical and/or horizontal) but more can never be bad in this case.

Other features are pretty much self-explanatory and common today, like good ISO performance, stereo microphone, great image quality and so on.

It competes with the Canon EOS 700D, but honestly speaking I I wouldn’t consider that one yet until the price goes down. You pay around $50 more for it and get the exact same specifications (not to mention it has less AF points).

Where To Buy The Nikon D5200

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