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Nikon D3200 Review

nikon-d3200-reviewIt’s not easy to announce a new version of one of your most popular cameras! Is the D3200 worth the money just like the D3100 was, and still is?

Cheapest Prices

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Sensor and Quality



Maximum Resolution: 6,016 x 4,000

Yes, that’s the actual resolution for shots taken with the D3200. It features a brand new 24 megapixel sensor, which is more than anything Canon currently has to offer (in pro and beginner models). The first question that came to my mind was, isn’t that a little bit too much?

A lot of beginners believe that more megapixels can only be good, as it increases the sharpness and all that other nonsense. However, the more you research and take pictures with different DSLR cameras, the sooner you realize that megapixels are by far the last thing you should worry about. Cramming to many pixels in a DX sized sensor can actually negatively impact thee noise performance!

Nonetheless, the D3200 has great image quality and lots of details.

ISO Sensitivity

ISO: 100 – 6,400 (H1: 12,800)

Regardless of what I said above, the D3200 gives clean images up to 3,200. As expected, 6,400 and 12,800 shows obvious signs of a “beginner” camera, with less colors and more noise. Kudos to Nikon for making ISO that good even though it has 10 more megapixels than its 2 year old predecessor, it’s amazing how quickly technology changes.

Body & Design


You can use every single trick in the book to attract amateurs, but if there’s one thing that will definitely get the sales it’s a compact, light body. When I say compact I mean in the DSLR world, because compared to point and shoots and phones, the D3200 looks like a tank.

Body & Buttons

The D3200’s look surprisingly familiar, but there have been some big changes in the button layout. The left side still contains all the basics for previewing the images and menu controls, but there’s no recording button on the back side anymore.

nikon-d3200-top-viewUnlike the D3100 that had Live View and Video buttons combined, the D3200 now features a button specifically to start/record videos next to the shutter button. Live View can still be accessed on the back side.

The mode dial now also features a Guide Mode to help you understand certain features about the camera, but nothing beats reading the manual and using the D3200 in semi-manual or the manual mode!

LCD Screen & Viewfinder

LCD Size: 3.0″ – 921,000 dots

Sharp, big and bright. You can always change the brightness settings in the menu, but the screen is perfectly usable outside.

Viewfinder Coverage: 95%

Same percentage as the D3100.

Weight & Memory

Weight (Body Only): 505g / 17.81 oz

Since there weren’t any major body upgrades, both models weigh exactly the same.

Memory: SDHC Card Slot

Because the D3200 has 24 megapixels, the photos can fill up your memory card pretty quickly. Add in a couple of 1-2 minute videos and you need a new card! If you are serious about photography, don’t go below 8GB!



Speed & Focusing:

Auto Focus Points: 11

No major differences here, same 11 auto focus system found in all other entry level Nikon DSLRs. You can use the 4-way controller to choose a specific point, which puts you into much more control over your images.

It also doesn’t come with an AF motor so you’ll have to stick to lenses that do have one built-in if you wish to auto focus. All lenses for the past few years will work, but you will have to use manual focus with older ones.

Burst Mode: 4 frames per seconds

To keep up with competition, the D3200 now sports a 4fps burst mode!

Video Recording

Nikon used to lag a bit when it came to frame rates in HD video, but they finally caught up and it couldn’t be better!

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) – 24/25/30fps
  • HD (1280 x 720) – 50/60fps
  • SD (640 x 424) – 24/30fps

One thing that brands won’t tell you about video though, is that the AF is horrible! Unless you’re going to use an external microphone, the D3200 will pick up all the buzz from your lens! Not to mention, it’s not fast either, so stick to manual focus!

If you decide to record in HD (50 or 60fps), you can actually start making some cool slow motion videos.


If you need the latest and a 24 megapixel beast, then go get one as soon as possible. You can read tutorials and watch videos, but nothing beats actually taking owning a DSLR!

Where To Buy The Nikon D3200

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