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Best Professional DSLR Cameras

What is a professional camera? A well built model that is capable of producing high quality images in almost any situation. Yes, they cost a lot of money but you will be able to shoot with them for many years without ever looking back. And please do understand that buying a professional DSLR will not automatically make you the best photographer out there if you will not learn and shoot!

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canon-7d-frontCanon EOS 7D

Back in 2009, this was the best APS-C camera on the market. There still hasn’t been an upgrade, so if you’re the kind of a person who wants the latest stuff, I suggest you to wait a while. Head over to my 7D review.

nikon-d610Nikon D610

The “old” D600 had to be replaced due to its sensor issues, so its only understandable that the D610 doesn’t bring any major upgrades. It made a lot of Nikon users mad, but it’s still a great budget FF camera!

canon-6d-full-frameCanon EOS 6D

A completely new line from Canon, a Full Frame camera for less than $2000! It’s something that we’ve all been waiting for and it’s packed with some pretty awesome features.

nikon-d800-reviewNikon D800

There’s the D800 with 36 megapixels, and a D800 with the same amount but no AA filter. It competes with the 5D Mark III belowe, and for that price you should already have an idea on which one is best for you.

canon-5d-iiiCanon EOS 5D Mark III

After a long wait the 5D Mark III finally replaced its older brother. Two biggest features are without a doubt the new auto focusing system and a much faster burst mode. Oh, high ISO performance is also unbelievably good.