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  • DJ

    Would you recommend the D3200 for low light photography? I have the D3100 with 18-55 lens or should I buy something else?

    • Just generally low light? It would be much wiser to buy something like a 35mm f/1.8G, 50mm f/1.8 or 1.4G because the D3200 doesn’t really offer any major improvements (except for the megapixels). To me, the only upgrade worth the money would be the D5200.

      So yeah, check out some Nikon lenses –

      Good luck!

      • DJ

        Thanks, will purchase the Nikon DX 50mm f/1.8G!

        • Amynta

          Were you pleased with it? I’m second guessing my bundle bought for Christmas and need to rework this based on better lenses. I heard the bundled lens that came with mine is not a VR on the zoom lens, and that annoys me.

  • Guest

    Thanks, will purchase the Nikon DX 50mm f/1.8G

  • Thanks for exploring entry level DSLR camera by Nikon and Canon.
    I recently purchased best range of DSLR camera and this seems to be the best DSLR camera as per my need.

  • I think if we speak about ‘entry level’ DSLR, it is better to buy used body + good lens. Because for the price of new budget DSLR one can buy a compact which will be much better than DSLR with starter’s lens. For example, Canon EOS M is much cheaper and a good option for a starter.

  • Amy Nash

    Does anyone have any idea which makes the biggest difference in HDR photography, the actual camera or the post production editing ? On the other hand we got Nikon D3200 at work and it does a great job.

  • Prateek

    I’m a student but passionate about photograph. Not that i’m going to take it up as a profession or something. I’m about to buy 600D my first dslr. How’s its performance in low light and in landscape photography ?? Currently i’m getting a 600d with 18-55 IS II and 55-250 @ 40k INR, would you suggest any other in the same budget or this is a safe bet?

  • Someone

    How can you say “Look for cameras that have a maximum of ISO 12,800 (won’t hurt if it
    goes higher), so you won’t have to use a flash to get a good looking
    image.”? That only means that whoever wrote this review/recommendation doesn’t know a shit about photograph.

    More ISO means more noise. And more noise means less image quality.
    An entry-level camera using an ISO of 1600 or more will have a noticeable amount of ISO. At 12k ISO the noise is really terrible to the point of making the image useless for almost anything. I don’t know what is a “good loking image” for you, but for most people is not what an ISO 12k image looks.

    I even say that entry-level cameras shouldn’t have more than ISO 1200, it’s useless and counterproductive for the quality of the camera and the lenses that will be using within this kind of cameras.

    In common situations, it’s usually better to use ISO 100 with flash, than ISO 12k without flash…

    If you don’t know about photograph then you better don’t write reviews or recommendations.

  • Jassmin

    Nice list, but why you put D3100 if Nikon D3200 exist!, i go with Nikon D3200 after read this article ( ) that helped me a lot when i was wondering which DSLR to buy.

  • Amynta

    This really needs to cover the difference in VR lenses. The kits that come bundled with many Amazon bundles is being criticized because it is a VR capable camera, but they are bundling it with an older, non VR lens. I need to know how to strip all this down and get the best bang for my buck, and it’s proving mind boggling for a beginner. I bought the bundle and was so excited about it, but one commenter said, “You’ll outgrow these lenses in one day. Forget them, buy the body, and pick your own lenses, save the money.” That’s what I needed to hear I guess. Now, how to pick them?